Carl Maiolani

I joined the board as a member in Spring of 2015 because Paul Desjardins asked me. The previous year I had nominated him to the board and this was how he returned the favour☺ I’ve not held an official position on the board; however. Since moving to Windsor 30 years ago, I have enjoyed Ojibway in many ways and have gradually learned about its special nature.


David puglia

I joined the Friends of Ojibway Prairie at the beginning of 2013.  I joined because I have a deep connection with the park. Having worked  there for several years as a guide, leading groups through the parks unique ecosystem.  On the board, I am responsible for social media and communications as well membership. 


ella walker

I retired from Merchants Paper Company in February 2012 and shortly after that Karen Cedar approached me asking if I would be willing to take over the position of Treasurer of the Friends of Ojibway Prairie. I decided that it was a perfect time for me to give back to a community where I had spent my entire life and have served as Treasurer since April 2012.

I am enjoying my time on the Board and have realized that I have a lot to learn about the environment and nature in general.